Samba #2 at the Wexner Center

As part of the Wexner Center‘s 25th anniversary, The Box is dedicating the entire year of programming to work produced in the Film/Video Studio. Screenings in this free exhibition space for video, located just across from the Wexner Center Store, run continuously seven days a week, the same hours as our ticket office.

Brazilian-born, NY-based choreographers and filmmakers Rosane Chamecki and Andrea Lerner, together called chameckilerner, capture the delirious energy of Brazilian Carnival’s most famous dance and strip it down to its most basic elements in Samba #2. Recorded in extreme slow motion, the frenzied dance is transformed into a hypnotizing choreography of flesh, one that upends the stereotypical sexualized representation of the female body. (3 mins., HD video)

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