I Mutantes Seras

I Mutantes Seras is a piece about Metamorphosis. Metamorphosis is an intrinsic condition of the world we live in. As part of this world we, human beings, are constantly haunted by this exhausting but exciting flux of movement. Understanding this motion might help us maintain our original condition of adaptable beings with flexible spirits. If we detach ourselves from this process, we risk staying with a rigid image of what we are and where we are going, mistakenly placing ourselves at the end of the evolutionary process.

Inspired by the surreal landscapes created by the collages of Dutch Artist Sebastian Bremer, we create a fictitious land inhabited by new forms of life. In this environment, an evolutionary process takes place. Beings are created and others vanish. Gradually evolving to rational minds. Intuition or rationality has taken us to where we are now. But the incertitude of the future lies on the contemplation of evolution. This reinvented world resembles both, an ancient land and a futuristic one, where we might find ourselves going back to the past or moving to a new future, where evolution may or may not repeat itself.

In I mutantes Seras we trace the unsteady rhythm of this constant metamorphosis to locate our existence as human beings. More then that, the piece hopes to help us see the bigger picture, where we are merely a tiny part of an endless evolution. This, hopefully, will change the way we perceive ourselves and others.

One of the loveliest performances I’ve seen in months.  Elizabeth Zimmer, The Village Voice