Who does not remember one of the first electric machine that promised to firm our bodies, the 1920’s Eskazier belt machines? The advertising of the beautiful mother in the basement, massaging her waist, in the hope of toning the undeniable erosion of the aging body.

Jennifer, Hllary, Sally and Gabri is the portrait of 4 women, of distinct ages, heritages and shapes. 4 anonymous body in a belt massager, sitting next to each other. The camera shoots in extremely slow motion (500 frames/second), and the vibrating flesh is the source of movement. Zooming in to the point of abstraction, it is difficult to identify which part of the body the camera pointing to.

Still, each of these 4 women reveal a body with a clear shape, personality, motion and texture. Each one with their own weight, luminosity, and unique choreography – a choreography of the flaccid skin. The experience is a direct, unforgiving, magnifying glass into the physicality and unpredictability of our nature.