Please Don’t Leave Me

“Please Don’t Leave Me” seductively explores the most fundamental and timeless subject of all: LOVE. As in their previous works, Chamecki Lerner is interested in the psychological state of a body. At this time, of a body in love. Inspired by Roland Barthes’ book, “A Lover’s Discourse,” the piece travels through a dictionary of emotions, questioning the duality of being the one “who loves”, or the one “who is loved”; the one who dreams of belonging and,at the same time, of being free. But, in the unconscious of our minds sleeps that old fairy tale of the perfect encounter, the glass shoe which fits that “only one.” The sentimentality of love has been so discredited, that to expose those feelings became obscene. “Please Don’t Leave Me” invades the desire of being totaly consumed by love. A love that is, at the same time, free and intoxicated.