Confronting and humorous, #RESIST uses the pelvis as a “weapon” of provocation, liberation and ultimately, of protest. The premise is simple, inclusive, and communal; an invitation to activate our bodies in the act of resistance.

 #RESIST reimagines the familiar march with the intimate act of moving and thrusting the pelvis, displacing the private into a group action. Each participant is an activist; the march is the form that connects the one to the many in an act of celebration and disruption.

#RESIST has been investigated by chameckilerner during the past two years, in a series of actions, installations, and performances. The choreography of the hips is made up of the movement of writing. Parallel to the floor, it is as if the bottom of the pelvis is the tip of the pencil, and each letter spelled demands that a new step is taken; #, R, E, S, I, S, T.

It can be said that the pelvis is the physiology of sexuality, a symbol of the private and intimate. By emphasizing a vigorous and systematic movement of the pelvis as the main action of the body, we want to bring our natural, physical, social, and cultural bodies to have an organized “voice,” a practice. The incorporation of such movement, made blatantly and in unison, suggests an analogy with the fundamental right to be determined and proud. #RESIST proposes a body with jurisdiction in contrast and in protest against ideologies that disenfranchise one’s sovereignty and rights. 

A pelvis that holds authority epitomizes it.

The series includes:

. #RESIST – an action during the Women’s March on Washington, DC; 

. #RESIST – a performance during the event Sanctuary performance at San Damiano Mission Church in New York, during Armory 2017

. RESIST #2 – a performance choreographed in collaboration with six female students from Barnard College, performed at the Miller Theater, New York, 

. #RESISTA – a sound installation and audience participation performance piece, during the 21st Contemporary Art Biennial Sesc_Videobrasil to take place 10.9.2019—2.2.2020 in São Paulo, Brazil/